Professional register for dance pedagogy

The title of dance teacher is not protected in Switzerland. Nevertheless, there are of course numerous dance teachers in Switzerland for all dance techniques who teach dance with great expertise and at an excellent level. In order to provide these teachers with a proof of quality, Danse Suisse has been maintaining the Danse Suisse professional register for dance educators for many years.

The professional register is managed by a commission of experts in various dance techniques and styles from all over Switzerland; the commission decides on all applications for admission.

Only teachers who have successfully passed an evaluation process are listed in the professional register. This certificate is now recognised by many cantons, cities and local authorities, for example for dance lessons in the arts and sports programmes of many cantons.

The fees for admission to the Professional Register for Dance Pedagogy can be found → here. The annual fee for being in the register is CHF 50, in addition to the fees for Danse Suisse membership.

Go to the professional register here.

Information and application forms for the Danse Suisse Professional Register for Dance Pedagogy:

  • In order to be registered, one must be a Danse Suisse Member first.
  • The regulations for the professional register, as well as all the required forms are available in German, French and Italian. Please visit the respective language site for the necessary documents. Please make sure to fill out all necessary forms (PDFs and Excel-Files).
  • If questions arise or there is some trouble understanding the forms, resp. the language, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via mail or phone. We will help you out filling the forms out gladly.