Danse Suisse Soft Launch

Danse Suisse shows itself in a new light! As a result of a process initiated in 2022 as part of the deliberations for the 20th anniversary of Danse Suisse, you can now discover our new appearance.

In autumn 2022, the Executive Board initiated initial considerations on the corporate identity and corporate design of the association, which were continued by the office until spring 2023. After subsequent intensive cooperation with the Olten-based agency Schmid+Wolf, we now proudly present our brand new logo and our revised website. In order to be economical with resources, we have opted for a "soft launch", i.e. an ongoing change over several months. During this period, you will therefore still see our old logo on documents, which we will adapt on an ongoing basis. So we are not too hasty in saying goodbye to the logo that was already used in 2004 when Danse Suisse was founded!

Let's talk dance!

Our new logo symbolises not only our ongoing development and commitment to dance, but also our support for dance practitioners in Switzerland. It has been designed with great care and attention to detail to reflect the professional association in a fresh and modern way. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Schmid+Wolf for their outstanding work and commitment. The creative team has understood how to realise our vision.

Enthusiastic about these changes, we look forward to embarking with you on an exciting future for our federation as we simultaneously celebrate our 20th anniversary next year. Thank you for your continued support.