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"Artistic Processes - Safe Spaces"

Those who work in the field of performing arts usually work in frequently changing team constellations and contexts that allow different needs, ideas and cultures to collide. Often the diversity of the people involved and their different experiences and perspectives is a crucial element in making rehearsal and creation processes dynamic and full of ideas: Explosive themes are taken up, daring ideas are scenically negotiated and sometimes taken to extremes. Dance-makers are particularly challenged in this process, as the body is both a working tool and a vehicle of expression and as such is always exposed. In order for all those involved to be able to exploit their potential, a trusting working atmosphere is needed, the establishment of a clear framework, but also the willingness to find solutions situationally and together. Meeting production-related and artistic demands and at the same time human and individual needs means walking a tightrope. But artistic practice in particular holds enormous potential and a multitude of strategies for developing approaches to solutions and improvements in this complex field.

Through presentations, workshops and round tables, the Forum Danse will be tackling various aspects of "Artistic Processes - Safe Spaces". Kerstin Evert from the K3 Choreographic Centre in Kampnagel, Hamburg, will be talking about the "Empowering Dance" project. Her presentation looks at the "soft skills" of dance and the creation of "safe spaces". Monica Gillette will guide us as we try to put them into practice directly during the Forum. We will also be looking at the differences between working in an institutional company and in the independent scene. Muhammed Kaltuk will be offering a workshop on the question of integrating urban dance on theatre stages. Johanna Heusser and Maxine Devaud will be answering questions about collaboration during the artistic research phase. With the help of futurology, Isabelle Vuong shows how to find paths between the ideal project idea and the final performance. Drawing on her concept of Dynamic Safe Spaces, Christina Barandun outlines ways of overcoming conflict constructively within creative teams. Lari Medawar from Fesses-tival in Geneva discusses raising awareness of non-normative sexualities in festival programming and team training. Issues relating to support and the feedback culture will also be addressed, as will reflections on the potential of cultural support to contribute to improving the work culture.

The Forum Danse will take place on 1.11.2023 from 10.00 to 18.00 in Biel, at the Maison.Farel.Haus, in cooperation with the Théâtre Nebia. After the Forum, you will have the opportunity to attend a performance at the Nebia. The full programme of the Forum will be published here shortly.

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