Professional register

Professional register for dance pedagogy

The profession of dance teacher is still unprotected in Switzerland. This means that at present anyone can teach dance regardless of their background, dance technical and pedagogical qualifications and experience. Against this background, Danse Suisse is committed to pursuing professionalisation in this area of work in several ways.

Even if the profession is not protected, there are of course numerous dance teachers in Switzerland for all dance techniques who teach dance classes with great expertise and at an excellent level. In order to provide these teachers with a proof of quality, Danse Suisse has been keeping the professional register for dance pedagogy for many years. Only teachers who have successfully passed an evaluation process are listed in this register. This certificate is now recognised by many cantons, cities and local authorities. The professional register is supervised by a commission of experts from all over Switzerland; the commission decides on all applications for exemption.

Professional register for dance mediation of Netzwerk Tanzvermittlung Schweiz