Montag 24.06.24
From: m2act x Forum Tanz

The art of solidarity – alliances in the performing arts. 22 November 2024 in Biel/Bienne.

Sustainability, fair practices, international solidarity, and the representation of minority groups are currently being negotiated a lot on stage in the performing arts. Behind the scenes, we also find ourselves confronted with the ever more pressing questions: How do we want to work? And with whom? More and more artists and art workers need to stand for a common cause, pool resources, and exercise influence.

Alliances – what are the expectations? Who does what? Who benefits, who decides and who pays the price?

This year, Forum Dance and Migros Culture Percentage m2act are also forming an alliance. To shed light on some of these alliances and coalitions in the performing arts, a joint network meeting will take place in Biel/Bienne on 22 November 2024. At panels, discussions, and workshops, participants are invited to exchange, gain inspiration, and forge new partnerships.